Sunday, January 9, 2011

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

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The world has changed. Spoken words, technology and even the map of the world. 
But, what is the world trend now? What is the thing that the people like today? 

Music and fashion are the next biggest interests in the world! Both are trending right now. Music dan fashion are synonym with each other. As proves, many world superstars blend both trends together on their work or masterpiece. 

Look at the Queen of Pop Madonna, Pop Princess Britney Spears and the new World Sensation, Lady Gaga!!

They come with the ideas of using music and fashion in order to  conquer the world as it's their own. Millions have seen the images of the combination. Unique?Mesmerizing?Unforgettable?Great could describe the word.

My idea in inventing my own iPad application is to combine both to be featured in an application! Have you seen The Runaway show or Tyra's big show The America's Next Top Model or a Gaga's tour concert??

A runaway show which presents fashion would go tasteless without the spin of music. Meanwhile Britney's fans would be bored if their star comes with the same old outfit. Means, she needs the touch of fashion, dear!!

In this term, we have the winner.

Its the bad romance baby!!
She comes with great music and sense of fashion!!

With this cool application, the music lovers or fashionistas could compose their own songs in one application or simply design clothes and costumes. Then, what more?? Give the chance for them to express their ideas can be a great thing. Who knows, one could be the next star?

I believe this application can be an addiction! First simply a hobby, then it could be shared to friends and through internet the world might acknowledge the song and clothe produced. 

They would go crazy for the application. 

Fashion Music = Ultimate Entertainment

The users could choose between the two elements. They could just choose one of them to follow their interests easily or pick both of them in an instant.

This is what you need, in order to make the iPad users happy with a freaking cool application!!!

Readers!!Do you know that iPad are available now through Maxis?? Kindly click here for more info

p/s : pics are found in Google!courtesy to them.

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