Thursday, January 16, 2020

Darling, Can I Advise You Something?!

2 weeks in 2020 and we are already seeing a lot of stuff happening around us. World War 3 has just been announced. The fires in Australia are getting worse. Some famous Youtube beauty guru’s relationship of five years just ended. Malaysia Baharu is not really ‘new’ where racism still rules. Aliff Aziz can’t control his lil bird, like usual lah. And so on.

So, what about you? Are you already chasing your 2020 goals or perhaps still trapped with happened last year? No matter what the situation is, I hope anyone who reads this could find your strength, center ground and the courage to get through yet another new year. I hope you get to stand on your own feet and never allow anything less than what you actually deserve. Tell yourself that you do not deserve the bare minimum.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sometimes You Have To Be Selfish

You try to follow whatever rules you family has set for you, even growing up you realise there are things just can't get along with some of them. You always want to be a good friend and ready to lend a shoulder for them to cry on. When in a relationship you will always put them as your top priority and make yourself second. 

But after all this time, you are getting tired. You have sacrificed so much for others - your time, effort, attention, money and you get nothing in return of any sort from them. You don't get the same energy you always put into for them. Are you just a mere tool in their eyes to make them feel better? A place to consult their feelings? A person for them to talk to about their problems? Someone who, somehow, they take for granted? 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Recap - Daenerys & Sansa Rivalry, Is It Necessary?

Fans of Game of Thrones have been waiting since forever for the final season and now it is here! The first episode kind of broke HBO’s record in terms of viewership with an average of 17.4 million viewers, beating the previous record holder Game of Thrones Season 7 finale with 16.9 million viewers. Meletop! Ye lah the series has been on a long hiatus for taking the time to shoot and prepare for the final season. Come to think of it I noticed I cant help to admire the beauty of every short taken in the episode. Cantik woi! Well-detailed and somehow boleh feel ‘Wow mahalnya shots ni semua’ macam tu.

This post contains spoilers so I warning korang kalau belum tengok, jangan baca!

So, what did I expect for the 1st episode? Of course I expected to see some dracarys-worthy scenes with dragon fire and all. I do not believe that the Mother Dragon will hold back her dragons anymore since this is the last season but it kind of let me down dalam hal ni lah. Well I was tad too ambitious and the power hungry queen knows better lol. Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 1 recap sees quite a number of reunions, slow-paced story yang mana I think brilliant lah sebab they need this episode to lay down the foundation of the story line, plot twists and all for the next episodes lepas ni sampai lah the end.

One of my favourite reunions would be Arya-Jon since they last met back in Season 1 before Jon went to The Wall untuk serve Night’s Watch. Lama gila kot masa tu adik (ehermm cousin) dia tu masih kecik lagi. Then Gendry-Arya alamak omeyyyyy diorang ni. But reunion yang paling ditunggu dah tentu between Jaime and Bran like we all know how awkward would it be. Aha!

Then comes the march of the army of Daenerys Targaryen to Winterfell. My first thought was ‘wadehekkk’ I mean I get it with the gloomy weather and all and they are preparing for an incoming major war with the dead and not even done with the fighting against Lannister pun yang still ongoing. But still, the Northerners are far from welcoming and their reception is much more colder than the winter itself.

Sansa: What do dragons eat, anyway? 
Daenerys: *snaps* Whatever they want

Lepas tuuuuu……Sansa. Sis first of all you look stunning! I will give you the credit while it is still due. Though I have wished for so many times to see you die since kau menggedik nak sangat kahwin dengan Jeoffrey muka penyek tu sampai melalak dekat bapak kau. Tapi kau punya muka kerek depan THE QUEEN halamakkkk terus rasa nak sumbat kau dalam kotak Poslaju hantar kasi dekat Cersei.

Here’s the thing, the people of the North dicanangkan sebagai bangsa yang ‘sangat setia’ compared to the other kingdoms. Even sebelum ni dorang ada raja sendiri yang duduk atas Iron Throne dekat King’s Landing but they look up to their own leader more. In this case yang dimaksudkan ialah the Starks. Sebab tu diorang berani angkat Jon as King of the North in the previous season in a bid untuk memberontak against Cersei. Diorang sangat berhati2 dekat orang luar they just don’t trust outsiders except their own. Okay I get it. So that’s why they do not give Daenerys the kind of celebration that fits a queen. After all, Daenerys is a Targaryen plus she did not grow up in any part of the kingdom but nun jauh seberang laut sana. But remind me again please, didn’t their own people betray the Starks when Robb was around? Didn’t the houses who proudly remind everyone that they ‘have sworn fealty with the Starks for a thousand years’ made a backdoor arrangement with Tywin Lannister that created the Red Wedding? But you people forgot ah? Now only you want to spit all this protect the North from outsiders shitz when you killed your own leader some time ago? Hurmmm……can’t relate!

Sansa giving Daenerys the side eye

I can understand lah with Sansa’s frustration with Jon who left the North to her to go meet Daenerys. But Jon keeps on telling her and the other lords that it was the right thing to do. His reason is just to get some help because they cant do it alone. He just wants to protect his people. Cant u guys understand that and not think about all this title crap? Apa kau ingat boleh menang dengan teriak ‘oH iM kInG oF tHe NoRtH!!’ waktu hayun pedang depan muka the Night King and terus that guy pecah bersepai dan kalah? Gitu? Pffttttt

Sansa is smart but sorry Arya, not the smartest. My eyes almost bled watching the scene where she ACTUALLY praises Sansa. Like, wutt? I really hope the rivalry between Sansa and Daenerys will end soon and actually happen for the greater good of their course. I mean they are two of the strongest women characters left in the men-dominated world, besides Cersei of course. Olenna Tyrell, probably the baddest bij ever in the series, is already gone. Plus we have never seen a good cooperation/relation between two strong female leaders in the series and we badly need one. Imagine if Sansa’s smart ass (kononnya leulss) combines with Daenerys’s fiery will walaweii no one can get in between them and Cersei will be roasted to death for sure lah.

I cant help but to think that the bad relationship (as for now) between Daenerys and Sansa is so dull and unimaginative. Like you guys really want to pit these two strong women characters against each other? Obviously this must be the idea of men among their writers. Meh.


Drogon: The ferkkkk, you are kissing your auntie, man!

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