Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sometimes You Have To Be Selfish

You try to follow whatever rules you family has set for you, even growing up you realise there are things just can't get along with some of them. You always want to be a good friend and ready to lend a shoulder for them to cry on. When in a relationship you will always put them as your top priority and make yourself second. 

But after all this time, you are getting tired. You have sacrificed so much for others - your time, effort, attention, money and you get nothing in return of any sort from them. You don't get the same energy you always put into for them. Are you just a mere tool in their eyes to make them feel better? A place to consult their feelings? A person for them to talk to about their problems? Someone who, somehow, they take for granted? 

It is getting tiring and you just want to start thinking about the most important aspect - YOU. What you actually are. Your worth. How you actually feel. What you actually want. Things you actually desire. Places you wanna go. Goals you have been keeping just for yourself because you keep making others wishlist happen. 

This is when you have to take a step back and think what actually makes you happy. You only have one life to begin with and you can't just sit back and relax, satisfying everyone's needs while on the other hand you are not....happy. This is when you have to draw the line and tell yourself 'It is okay to be a lil bit selfish'. Focus on yourself and do all the things your heart wants and not just to let yourself be taken for granted. They can survive on their own issues or problems a little bit longer while you are having fun on yourself. There are times when you have to say 'No' and not feel guilty about it. 

Even your mind needs some peace from just thinking about others. It is time to love yourself even more.

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