Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2017 - Celebrating Losses & Joys

2017 was a bumpy ride. But I can say that it was also a fairly good year. I am going to honour it by celebrating the losses, joys, all ups & downs and smile for all the wonderful things. Yes, we all have drama in our lives but let's enjoy the positive vibes more in 2018 and not dwell in the negatives of the past year.

Heartbreaks, hectic work life, best family moments, challenging friendships, excitement of trying new things (seriously, craziest shits I never imagined I would do) - they all defined my 2017.

Growing up you will realise that people you started the journey with, some of them might not with you now, walking in their own paths somewhere different than yours. That is life. Loosing a friend or someone you truly love can hurt a lot regardless what the reason is and you will have to allow yourself to heal. You can be happy with your life with all the new people as time passes. The key is to always stay positive as possible and allow yourself to move on even it takes time for you to do so.

People come and go but treasure those who are worth it for you to keep. Even if I don't talk anymore with some of them, I want to reflect and forever be grateful for each of them for the beauty they brought in my life, even only for a brief moment.

So if you are among one of them - be it we used to be good friends or maybe someone who I used (demmit I really don't like saying the 'L' word aha!) and you are reading this I just want to say thank you.

We might end up parting ways for whatever the reason was but it's okay. I believe that people do not cross our paths by accident. They come into our life for a reason - either as a blessing or simply a lesson.

I just want to see the good in people and fikir yang baik-baik aje. No grudges. No bad blood. Unless if you owe me my money. LOL!

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