Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Peace Begins With A Smile

I am quite a smiley-type of person, or I used to. Heh. Somehow I noticed some times people tend to look at me with weird face expression like 'Giler ke budak ni?' when I just walking down or crossing the streets feeling good with a smile on my face while listening to my fav songs thru my earphones. I realised something, maybe I look silly to them.

Hey, is it wrong to look n be happy? I thought people wouldn't mind it at all. Hurmmm

Everyday I try to give the real n normal smile when I interact with people - seeing neighbors next door, makcik2 sapu sampah, ordering foods at the mamak, going thru the security at the guard house.

I do believe facial expressions reflect our emotions. People could see it from your face n know what you feel inside out. Smiling can make you happy and ease your tension. 

Smiling makes you look attractive too. No joke! Hey, how many photos you have liked on the Facebook n Twitter showing the person with pouting mouth? Duck face much? Whenever we snap pictures we would be asked to smile. This is because we would look best and happier when smiling. 

The mere act of smiling can make you and people around you to be happier. So start smiling, no more muka muncung-muncung. hehehe


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